Specially tailored, thoughtful experiences


Our mission is to tell our client’s story, through thoughtfully planned and designed events and flawless execution. We provide an immersive experience that brings our clients’ visions to life.

We demonstrate our passion for food by specially tailoring menus, using the highest quality ingredients and meticulously styling events while providing impeccable service.


Kelly Spencer

head of crew | OWNER | EXECUTIVE CHEF | LEAD design

Hey Y’all! I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and began cooking with my southern grandmothers at a young age, learning that cooking goes hand in hand with gathering people together and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

I have a B.S. in International Marketing from the University of Alabama and followed in my dad’s footsteps for 7 years in the sale and marketing arena. I met the love of my life and had a dream destination wedding in 2003 in Sea Island, GA. We moved to St. Louis in 2004 and have two amazingly athletic sons and two tiny Chihuahuas.

Once in St. Louis, I began formal study of the art of food preparation and earned a degree in Culinary Arts. I founded The Social Affair in August 2009 and today am more passionate than ever about fostering the family-like culture I have built for our staff while telling our clients story through food and design and immersing our guests in a thoughtful experience.

Favorite Childhood Food Memory
So. Many. Memories! But, my favorite is cooking Thanksgiving dinner with my Momma and Nana for the entire family or going to the Farmer’s Market with dad.

Last Meal
Pan-fried veal scallopine with baby spinach, heirloom cherry tomatoes, red onion and fresh lemon with Union Loafers bread and butter.

Favorite Comfort Food
Mac’s Local Eats double pimento cheese Smashburger, hand-cut fries and my Grandmother’s fried apple turnovers.


Liz Ryan

Crew Director | Director of Operations

I’m a born-and-raised St. Louisan with a diverse cooking background. As a young kid, I would make “soups” from foraged ingredients like fallen acorns and onion grass. I ran a make-believe restaurant in my basement, The Starlight Cafe, and would often sneak into the kitchen during quiet times and create my own (often disastrous) culinary concoctions like homemade peanut butter cups and cookies. I was always hungry and still am. So, it’s no wonder I followed my stomach to a career in food. I’ve been a pastry cook, a candy-maker, a food writer and restaurant critic and worked in the bustling kitchens of New York City and the picturesque harbor of Nantucket. Back in St. Louis, I live with my hubby and pup in South City and enjoy knocking around town and eating. I joined The Social Affair Catering and Event Design in 2016, where I do a little of everything from arranging flowers to cooking to working with clients to create the perfect menu and help bring their vision to life.

Favorite Childhood Food Memory
Dad’s pancakes on Monday mornings before school. Summer cookouts at my grandparents’ home complete with BBQ chicken, all the summer vegetables and Fritz’s frozen custard for dessert.

Last Meal
Union Loafers bread with salted butter, a slice of pepperoni pizza, a cheeseburger, ripe tomatoes sliced and sprinkled with salt and pepper, fudgy chocolate ice cream for dessert.

Favorite Comfort Foods
Cheeseburgers, casseroles, mashed potatoes.

Emily Clark.jpg

Emily Clark

Kitchen and Event Crew | Pastry Chef | Art Director

Hi guys! I’m a St. Louis native with a passion for all things artsy. I have always been a creative person and followed that passion all the way to culinary school. I went to Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, North Carolina where I learned about cakes, breads, cookies, and so much more. Everyday was a unique experience where I was able to channel my thoughts and ideas and bring them to life in the form of delicious treats. I earned my AAS in Baking and Pastry Arts and returned home to St. Louis

My culinary career began at The Restaurant at the Cheshire where I started off as a line cook. I was then hired as the Pastry Chef and stayed in that position for about a year. When I left The Restaurant, I came to work for the Social Affair, and have felt at home ever since. I get to do what I love and follow my creative passions every day!

Favorite Childhood Food Memory

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was make Christmas cookies with my mom. When they were baking, we would make homemade Christmas cards to go along with the cookies.

Last Meal

I am a simple woman and my last meal would be a smorgasbord of my favorite foods like chicken fingers, BBQ duck tacos from Mission Taco, spicy tuna sushi, Union Loafers pickles, and hot dogs with ketchup.

Favorite Comfort Food

This is a hard one because I have too many favorites but my top three would be 1) mac n’ cheese, green beans and apple sauce; 2) my mom’s chili with rice, lots of cheddar cheese and cornbread pudding and 3) turkey tetrazzini made from leftover Thanksgiving turkey


Morgan Schildt

Kitchen Crew | Sous Chef

I grew up in Philly where I spent my childhood making memories and learning to cook with my German grandmother and my family. My passion for food continued to grow, and after working in several kitchens, I decided to attend The Culinary Institute of America in New York where I received an associates degree in culinary arts and a bachelor’s degree in business management. After graduating, I found my way to The Social Affair. I love my dog Rigby and practicing yoga.

Favorite Childhood Food Memory
Cooking with my family on Thanksgiving.

Last Meal
My grandmother’s crumb cake and pork soup dumplings.

Favorite Comfort Foods
My mom’s Cincinnati style chili with jalapeño jam cornbread.


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